Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Poem for Dress Shirt Guy

Hello, Dress Shirt Guy.
I see you on my way to work,
running in your dress shirt,
just past the corn field by the road.

Why must you be so proper?
Did they make fun of you as a child?
Do you have a ghastly scar?
Are there not T-shirts your size?

Where could you be going?
Are you on your way to work,
an important meeting,
a job interview?

Why must exercise be so formal?
Don't you have a jogging suit?
a tank top,
a sweatshirt?

Or are you fooling someone?
pretending to dress for work
walking out the door with your brief case,
throwing it in the woods as you begin to jog?

Does your wife know you jog in your dress shirt?
Are you fooling your children,
your grandchildren,
perhaps the family dog?

Are you happy, dress shirt guy?
Running in your Ralph Lauren,
or perhaps Cardin or Old Navy?

Run along, old dress shirt guy
I'll watch you from my car,
and wonder every day
if I should try it, too.

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