Wednesday, February 27, 2008

RoadRunner DNS redirect

I was unhappy with the RoadRunner DNS redirect "service" they installed in Rochester a few weeks ago. It turns out they did incorporate a facility to disable it:

It didn't ask me for my account login/password so I assume it's doing its magic using just your IP address. It said it could take up to 5 minutes for your preferences to take effect, but for me it was immediate.

The roadrunner "search" page to which they redirect you is pretty useless. Now I'm back to having bad or partial URLs redirect to Google (as my browser is configured to do), and I'm happier.


Brian said...

This blog needs more updates! Is there nothing going on for WZ2B news?

dooglie said...

thanks for posting this URL. It took me an hour previously to have TWC escalate my issue to a tech support level which would/could disable the DNS redirection. They have undone that change and I have spend another 40 minutes trying to educate both their 1st layer and their supervisor on this without any success.

You provided me with some sanity in the world of RoadRunner's ignorance and poor service.